Curtis Pond Association

Thanks to all our generous donors and bidders, the Silent Auction raised over $17,000!!!

This photo of the dam is from 10/18/22. Notice the stark leaning forward on the top left. The dam shifts annually, and this photo captures just how critical it is we complete the project before it’s too late!

The Curtis Pond Association was formed during the summer of 2017 when community members came together to brainstorm how to ensure Curtis Pond remained a wonderful resource for generations to come.

The objectives of the Curtis Pond Association are to promote discussion and serve as an educational forum in order to preserve and enhance for future generations the environment and natural beauty of Curtis Pond; promote use of best scientific practices in and around the Pond; protect the Pond’s wildlife, shoreline, watershed, and ecologically related environs; and promote the enjoyment of the lake by owners of property adjacent to and nearby Curtis Pond, and by the public visiting Curtis Pond. 

Our largest project right now is repairing the Curtis Pond Dam. Here are the basics, please peruse the website for the details.

  • Curtis Pond Dam has been listed by state dam engineers as a “Significant Hazard” for over 18 years.
  • Curtis Pond Dam “overtopped” during Hurricane Irene in 2011.  Experts agree one more similar overtopping event could cause complete dam failure.
  • If the Curtis Pond Dam fails, Curtis Pond would be reduced to two small ponds surrounded by mudflats and wetlands.
  • In the case of catastrophic dam failure, the state is “highly unlikely” to ever issue a permit to rebuild the dam, and Curtis Pond would be lost FOREVER.
  • It is conservatively estimated that loss of the pond would result in over $3 million in lost property taxes over 20 years. These funds would have to be raised by raising everyone else’s taxes.
  • Even if the Calais Taxpayers picked up the entire bill for fixing the Curtis Pond Dam (nobody is suggesting they do) – it would raise taxes less than losing the pond would.
  • The Curtis Pond Associations Dam Exploratory Committee has a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Calais Selectboard, outlining both organizations shared commitment to seeing this project through.

Please look around the site where you’ll find lots of historic documents related to previous efforts to rebuild the dam, as well as lots more details and media about current efforts.  Please contact us if you have any questions or want to support our efforts.

The Curtis Pond Dam Committee has been working since 2020 on a plan to repair the Curtis Pond Dam, which has been classified by the state as a “Significant Hazard” for 18 years!  A recent report released by the Vermont State Auditor’s office Digs deep into the importance of fixing hazardous dams before it’s too late.  During Hurricane Irene, the Curtis Pond Dam overtopped.  The Dam Exploratory committee has been told that one more such event could lead to a dam failure, which in turn could mean losing Curtis Pond forever.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Calais Selectboard to develop a clear path forward to ensure Curtis Pond remains a local, community resource for generations to come.

The Curtis Pond Association Board of Directors include:

  • President – Colleen Bloom
  • Vice President – Jamie Moorby
  • Treasurer – Marge Sweeney
  • Secretary – Reenie DeGeus
  • At Large – Ginger Clammer
  • At Large – Marc Mihaly
  • At Large – Noreen Bryan

The CPA Dam Exploratory Group fluctuates in size and has a broad range of participants. The core organizing groups consists of:

  • Colleen Bloom
  • Jamie Moorby
  • Marge Sweeney
  • Marc Mihaly
  • John Rosenblum
  • Denise Wheeler (Select Board Liaison)
  • John Brabant (Select Board Liaison)