We hope you are ready to jump on board and join our important efforts to save Curtis Pond! This is going to be a $500,000+ project, so we truly need everyone to dig deep and contribute as generously as you can.

Please join our growing community of supporters but sending a check today!
All donations made through the Maple Corner Community Center are tax deductible. Please make your check out to “Maple Corner Community Center” (or simply “MCCC”), with “CPA” in the memo line.

Checks should be mailed to:
Curtis Pond Association
PO Box 162
Calais, VT 05648

While checks eliminate the need for a credit card processing fee, we can now accept online donations through our partnership with the Maple Corner Community Center! If you donate online, consider making a monthly contribution throughout the duration of our campaign.

Click here to make your online donation today!
Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of the campaign!

If you need more convincing before writing that check, please contact us to set up a meeting, and be sure to review the details on the Fundraising Page!